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Railway Line - 30b Konkoita




Railway Line - 10b Also Named:




Railway Line - 10b 

Kon Kuta



Railway Line - 10b




Railway Line - 10b Japanese




Railway Line - 10b




Railway Line - 10b




Railway Line - Green 30b Japanese

5th Railway Regiment



Railway Line - 10b




Railway Line - 40b I Group

Aug 43 - Mar 44



Railway Line - 10b




Railway Line - 40b II Group

Sep 43 - Mar 44



Railway Line - 10b




Railway Line - 10b




Railway Line - 10b




Railway Line - 10b


‘H’ Force No 4 Camp of Australians.




Burma-Thailand Railway. c. September 1945. Site of a railway accident caused by a bridge collapse at the 152 kilometre (Thailand) point Sep 1945

Rail accident

Site of a railway accident caused by a bridge collapse at the 152 kilometre point

Taken September 1945

The photo is available from http://www.awm.gov.au

22 May 1943

Passing through - At this Camp, Konkoita, we saw interned Natives - possibly Burmese - and a little previous to this, up at or near where we spent the day, the Japanese gave the 29th Battalion permission to chase the 'boongs' with sticks, right out of the Camp, because of their filthy habits which had caused cholera to break out and made the river water quite dangerous for use unless boiled. Forty Natives have died here of cholera and have passed the disease on to our men. In the last few days we have lost 5 Australians, their deaths caused by the above disease.

Cholera continued its deadly work, and it was not until some days later that our Doctors were given a limited amount of anti-cholera vaccine. It undoubtedly saved many lives; although I knew of cases who died of cholera even after 1and 2 injections - and one case I knew of in particular, a man who suddenly took ill and died within 36 hours, although he had his 3rd injection of anti-cholera vaccine since arrival at the Camp.

Private GBW (Glen) Skewes


October 17, 1943 was a great day, not only for the Japanese but also for the prisoners and other workers on the railway. 101168MA

On that day we were told, the two parts of the track, one from Burma and the other from Thailand had met in Konkuita. A holiday was declared for October 25 and on that day a gaily festooned train arrived at the camp, which unloaded extra rations for the Japanese troops and even some for the prisoners.

From Neilīs Story




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