Hintock Road (3 Camps)
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Railway Line - 30b Hintock Road (3 Camps)



Railway Line - 10b Also Named;

Hin Tok



Railway Line - 10b 




Railway Line - 10b




Railway Line - 10b Thai




Railway Line - 10b




Railway Line - 10b




Railway Line - Green 30b Japanese

9th Railway Regiment



Railway Line - 10b




Railway Line - 10b




Railway Line - 40b IV Group

May 43 - Sep 43



Railway Line - 10b




Railway Line - 10b




Railway Line - 10b


Dunlop Force worked here on cuttings & Three Tier Bridge. 'Weary' Dunlop's camp had showers built from bamboo. Large number of deaths here from cholera.


HINTOK TAMPI BRIDGE SHOWING THE METRE WIDE TRACK. IN THE BACKGROUND IS A SHARP CUTTING (HELLFIRE PASS)Hintok was at the base of a jungle covered mountain, so was called the “Mountain Camp”. This was an Australian camp surrounded by a high fence to stop wild animals getting in. The Australians made a good water system using hollow bamboo for piping and also boasted a shower.

Information from Railway of Death by John Coast



Bridge showing the metre wide track. Hellfire Pass is in the background.


Pack of Cards BridgeAs an example: One of the bridges along the line at Hintok. Which was built on a particularly difficult spot. Was nicknamed the “Pack of Cards Bridge” by the prisoners, because it had collapsed three times during the period of construction. Here 31 prisoners were killed in falls from the bridge to the rocks below. Some of those had been beaten and thrown off the bridge by their Japanese supervisors.




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